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Earl (Bud) Gilmartin Bio

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Earl John Gilmartin Sr. (father) was born December 10, 1893 in Bliss, NY. Margaret McCarthy (step-mother) was born July 6, 1893 in Buffalo, NY.

Earl and Margaret were married May 25, 1917 in Buffalo, NY.

Earl (and Margaret) moved to Great Falls, MT to work for Dairy Products Company in 1924. Earl John (Jack) was born June 29, 1926 in Great Falls. Jack died Feb 5 1929.

Earl and 2nd wife Ethel Embleton were married February 5, 1929 in CA. Ethel's sister Mabel (Beverly) was present.

Earl John (Bud) Jr. was born February 24, 1930 in Great Falls. (Yes, same name as his late brother Jack).

Earl, Ethel and Bud moved to Missoula MT in June 1933, as Earl had purchased Gold Medal Dairies from Kraft. Beverly Gaye Marie (Bud’s sister Jeanine) was born September 22, 1936 in Missoula.

Earl, Ethel and Jeanine moved to Spokane in the spring of 1948, to help Mr. Goodhue (who was ill) at Commercial Creamery.

Bud stayed in Missoula with the Hardenburgs to finish his senior year at Missoula County HS (graduated 1948).
Bud did 1st semester at WSU (48/49), then did a 2nd semester at Gonzaga U (48/49).
Bud did his 2nd full year at University of Montana-Missoula (autumn '49, winter '50, spring '50).
Bud did the next two years at Gonzaga U in 1952.
Bud graduated June 1, 1952 with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration.
Bud married Susan Orndorff Sept 13, 1952

Bud started working with his father at Commercial Creamery right out of school in 1952.
Bud became president of Commercial Creamery when Earl Sr. suddenly died in 1968.

Bud was brought up Catholic and as we know, they believe in large families.
True to form, Bud and Susan had (6) healthy children.
Grady Anne, Michael Padden, Earl John III, Peter Ballard, Marc MaCabe, & Megan Marie.

Bud married a 2nd time to Judith Kintner in 1994

Bud headed south to warmer climes in 2008.
Bud passed away from Alzheimers disease in Tucson in 2011. 

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