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Paul Brog Bio

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Paul started helping his father make cheese at the age of 7. Paul met his wife Jean Poe while attending high school in Blackfoot, and married her in 1951. They had three children - Sheryl, Kathy and Paula who produced three grandsons - Paul Ryan, Dan and Charlie Haddenham 

After attending Utah State Agriculture University in Logan in 1951- Paul moved up to manage the Rocky Mountain Creamery in Salmon* for his father, making butter and cheese at the age of 19. Milk was originally hauled in cans to the creamery. Paul set up the producers with bulk tanks so that they could transport in bulk. He also would help finance the dairymen to expand production of milk.

* Rocky Mountain Creamery became Salmon Valley Cheese in 1961.

Paul Brog and Ed Gossner Sr started up the Swiss Village Cheese in Nampa ID in 1972. The facility also included farm ground and 200 cows. One of the best times of Paul’s professional life was opening and operating the Swiss Village cheese plant. The milk came from their farm located next to the plant and from producers located in the area.

Paul split his time between Salmon and Nampa, and would travel to Salmon at least 1 time per month which is a long drive either over the Banks / Lowman direction or Galena Summit.

Paul was creative with cheeses, producing the 1st hot pepper cheese. ,He also made and sold Brogies - a deep fat fried cheese curd in the store. Flavors were hot pepper, Monterey Jack and Cheddar. The state, federal, military inspectors would show up more often than expected, hoping to get a hot Brogie fresh off the grill.

Paul was very active in the Jaycees, and the Elks while living in Salmon. Paul was often found collecting and refurbishing old cars (and trucks) while living in Nampa. Paul had over (50) vehicles in his collection at one point. 

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